The End of What?

This page is the portal to several pages on this site that are devoted to prophecies about the events of 2011 - 2012, which the Mayan daykeepers, and the prophets of Vedic India, ancient Egypt and other traditions, may have all anticipated as the time when humanity will experience a moment of ascent and liberation into new dimensions of spiritual consciousness. The purpose of this page is to introduce the main ideas and sources.

Introduction: More Controversy than Anyone Needs
The word is spreading about 2012, and is likely to keep spreading in the years to come. In some prophetic traditions that are already well known, and in others that are coming to light, the years 2011 and 2012 appear to be the end of a "Long Count" forecast by Mayan daykeepers as the moment when a 5,125-year cycle of the Mayan calendar will end, and will herald sweeping changes. Some 2012 writers expect suffering and ruin from catastrophic Earth changes. Others see 2012 as a spiritual opportunity to lift and transform all of human consciousness, accelerating it into "higher" awareness and action.
For most of us who are interested in these things, it matters little whether we agree with Carl Johan Calleman, who anticipates the culmination of a Galactic Creation Cycle on Oct. 28, 2011; or with John Major Jenkins, who estimates that Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 -- the title of his most influential book -- will be on the winter solstice of Dec. 21, 2012, the "mainstream" date that seems accepted by most Mayanists and laymen. Whichever is "right" -- if this matters at all -- there's no arguing with the fact that 2012 is a round and mystical-looking number with an irresistible ring to it, so it's likely that no matter what the "science" and the "facts" about 2011 are, 2012 is the number that people will remember and await.
The 2011 vs. 2012 "debate" heated up in 2006 when Calleman announced that the Mayan timekeeper Don Alejandro Oxlaj "strongly argues" that Jenkins' Winter Solstice 2012 date for the End of the Long Count is not correct. Don Alejandro apparently did not say more, nor, cryptic as a curandero, did he endorse Calleman's paradigm, or say when he believes the Long Count will end. Jenkins then published a lengthy reply. If this continues, then other partisans who see value in "strongly arguing" will no doubt create new polemics, and pester Mayan daykeepers to take sides. One can sympathize with the much-respected Mayan elder Hunbatz Men, who refuses to commit himself to anyone's position, saying that the main thing now is to care for our planet, and awaken ourselves.
Arguments about who is "right" about 2011 or 2012 are distracting our minds, and are not worthy of our hearts -- especially as the pitch of polemic is already piercingly high, and as of this writing in September 2009, we're still years away from the momentous events of 2011 - 2012. We still have time for what, in most people's minds, are the main questions:
Is 2012 really the "End of Time"? Is it the End of the World?
No to both. But that will not stop fear sellers and other doom pimps, some of them likely the same shameless chiselers who cashed in on the Y2K Scam a few years back by convincing many otherwise Earth-based and love-fueled people of a very silly idea that looked really scary at the time. People everywhere "knew" that a simple blip on history's odometer from 99 to 00 would cause "mass chaos and confusion." Well-intentioned and enthusiastically alarmed people got ready, and spread the news while there was still time. Some of these earnest, decent people are still working their way through all those boxes of canned beans and toilet paper from back in 1999. They'll be ready to help out again in 2012, if today's growing number of flush-faced, popeyed messengers of Misery! Agony! Horror! Ruin! and Destruction! have anything to say about it.
Not that all of the people who are playing the Fear and Disaster cards are cynical dread merchants. There must be at least two who are not. The problem is not insincerity. It's just that modern materialist people, who think of time as being linear, and leading to a completion or end date, are trying to hoist aboard the ancient spiritual idea of circular time that keeps changing and renewing, but does not end. The circular hole of the Mayan Long Count cycle, which like every cycle ends and is followed by another cycle, simply will not accept the square peg of Westerners' belief in a time line that must end. That's why so many people are not yet getting 2012. Their minds are still in linear time.
Though no Mayan inscriptions or relics found yet say 2012 is the last Long Count cycle -- much less that tribulation is coming in fires, earthquakes and floods -- Christians and capitalists are still seeing 2012 that way, as they always have, because some people say it resembles what Christians and Muslims call the last day, when God will come in glory to judge the living and the dead. The easy part in all this, for you and me, is to see easily, through love's eyes, that 2012 is not Judgment Day. The more challenging part is getting billions of tribulation sufferers to see what we know: the world is not for "God" to burn, but for us to water. Until we feel The Dance of the Moon again, it's likely that many of us will keep hearing "Day of Doom" when "2012" comes up, because that's what's in our library of belief, even when nobody is going out of his way to scare us. Doom addiction is a very hard one to kick, and love will be patient and kind.

Some observers of the Maya contend that 2012 really is the End of Time. That doesn't mean that it's the End of the World, or a change in the nature of time itself, but more likely it's a change in the way we perceive time as a kind of racetrack with birth at the starting block and death at the finish line. Rather, as our senses expand to pick up -- and as we create -- colors and sounds we had not experienced before, time too will become a kind of artist's medium that we have the power to shape and to change. So time will no longer be something we experience passively. It will be like clay or paint or sound that we fashion and use to our and Earth's advantage, for the purposes of our individual and collective soul evolution. Thus the End of Time means that we've moved past the 4th dimensional consciousness of linear time and "solid" space to the 5th dimensional consciousness of spiral time and energy, where the old clock numbers no longer apply.

Getting Up to Speed: What to Read and View:
Books, films and other resources are listed here in reverse chronological order, beginning with the most recent releases. Many of the books listed here are also available in more easily accessible DVD versions. An item's place in the list is not a "rank" of its quality in relation to the others. Noteworthy new items will be added to the top of the list as they appear.
The Book of Destiny: Unlocking the Secrets of the Ancient Mayans and the Prophecy of 2012 (HarperOne, 2010) was written by a Mayan priest, Carlos Barrios, at the request of his fellow members of the Guatemalan Elders Council. Its purpose is to communicate the Mayan elders' teaching that the challenge of each individual life is to develop ourselves in order to fulfill the individual destinies given to us at birth, and also to link in a collective manifestation of the destiny we are here to achieve together, in alignment with the scientific legacy of the Maya as transmitted in both oral teaching and written texts.
John Major Jenkins' newest contribution to the field, The 2012 Story: The Myths, Fallacies, and Truth Behind the Most Intriguing Date in History (Tarcher, 2009) has been hailed as "by far the best and most authoritative guide to the 2012 phenomenon" (Richard Smoley), and a work combining "impeccable scholarship with incisive critical intellect" (Stanislav Grof). This is Jenkins' most comprehensive and crystallized work yet, consistent with the optimistic emphasis in his earlier works on 2012 as a moment of opportunity when the systems of a world in crisis can be "transformed [by a] spiritually centered social activism."
In Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012 and a New World Age (Hay House, 2010), Gregg Braden presents two powerful and persuasive theses: (1) that "everything from the war and peace between nations to our most joyous relationships and personal crises are the returning patterns of our past. . . . so that as each pattern returns, it carries the same conditions of previous fractal patterns that can be known, measured and predicted," and (2) "the returning cycles also carry a window of opportunity—a choice point—that allows us to choose a new outcome for the cycle." The implication of this -- that the fractal pattern of 2012 already exists and waits to be discovered and played -- places the co-creative responsibility where is has always belonged, squarely in our hands.
The Great Shift: Co-Creating a New World for 2012 & Beyond, edited by Martine Vallee, was published by Red Wheel Weiser in 2009. Like The Mystery of 2012 (below), this is an anthology of writings by a number of respected sources, though here the emphasis is more consistently positive, focusing on the years ahead as a time of both crisis and opportunity when we can proactively co-create strategies for managing changes in the world and ourselves, and participate actively in the evolution of consciousness that is now underway, and will reach a culmination point in 2012.
Geoff Stray's Beyond 2012: Catastrophe or Awakening (first published in 2005, US edition by Bear & Company 2009) is a distillation of the material Stray has been compiling on his unfortunately-named Dire Gnosis website. While this book will never be accused of being beautifully written, and has occasional factual errors, it is the most comprehensive book on 2012, the fruit of research Stray has done since 1982, years before Jose Arguelles' The Mayan Factor (below) introduced Mayan calendrics to the world audience. If you want to explore anything and everything related to 2012, this book is the necessary compendium.
While not related directly to 2012, Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future (Hay House, 2009) is an invaluable contribution by Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman, aka Swami Beyondananda. The book presents sound scientific evidence, from Lipton's ground-breaking work in "epigenetics," that "Contrary to what conventional science and religion have been telling us, evolution is neither random now predetermined, but . . . an intelligent dance between organism and environment. When conditions are ripe -- either through crisis or opportunity -- something unpredictable happens to bring the biosphere into a new balance at a higher level of coherence." This is a great book, courageous and funny and likely to be seminal.
Cal Garrison's Astrology of 2012 and Beyond (introduction by Drunvalo Melchizedek, Weiser, 2009) incorporates the events of Pluto in Capricorn (2008 - 2023), other planetary aspects from the present through 2014, the Hopi Blue Star prophecy, Mayan calendrics and the end of a 13,000-year kundalini cycle into a convincing case that "revolutionary times [are] coming for individuals, governments, and the planet."
David Wilcock -- see also The Shift of the Ages below -- presented his 90-minute lecture The 2012 Enigma at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles in February, 2009. The documentary film can be downloaded free from his Divine Cosmos website. It explores 2012 in relation to ancient and universal symbols of illumination, and it views the coming years as our opportunity for realizing that consciousness itself is the fundamental ground of our experience, and that therefore our collective consciousness can shape the reality we choose to create.
The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind by Barbara Hand Clow, with a Foreword by Carl Johan Calleman, was published by Bear and Company in 2007. It sees the present day and the years ahead as a moment when "time acceleration is a manifestation of the acceleration of consciousness," and presents "the deeper meaning behind the calendar and its message for modern civilization, especially during its final five years." This book has been hailed as indispensable reading by many distinguished authors and teachers, including the Mayan daykeeper Hunbatz Men, for its firm basis in evidence, and its emphasis on "how our own personal healing is the most important factor as we prepare to make this critical leap in human evolution."
For those who want to start exploring the 2012 terrain, even for those who have been en route for years, the Sounds True anthology The Mystery of 2012: Predictions, Prophecies & Possibilities (2007) -- along with The Great Shift (above) is one of the best choices. Gregg Braden's essay on the 2012 "Choice Point" introduces other insightful pieces by Jean Houston, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jay Weidner, John Major Jenkins, Carl Johan Calleman, Lawrence E. Joseph, Sharron Rose and 21 more, including almost all the authors listed below. The breadth of this collection embraces all the hues of calm, yet allows limited standing room as well for the usual suspects in dread and disaster. This book is emphatically brave and optimistic, delivering again and again the simple, active, practical point, as Ervin Laszlo puts it, that "Human consciousness can evolve. It is already evolving, and you can help it evolve further."
2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl by Daniel Pinchbeck (Tarcher/Penguin, 2006), also a contributor to the Sounds True collection, is far and away the best written book on 2012. It tells the author's own story of a journey as lover and celebrant toward freedom within his own heart, in parallel to a soul arc that Pinchbeck traces as writer and shaman, from the skepticism of a journalist -- who "disliked the New Age obsession with healing" -- to the grounded mysticism of a voyager who increasingly sees that "In our feelings and perceptions we are separate, but our thinking connects us to the larger community of mind -- what Teilhard de Chardin dubbed the noosphere." Want a taste of 2012 in writing that's as elegant and juicy as it is profound? Pinchbeck's book is your bet.
One of the leading researchers in the Mayan studies field is John Major Jenkins, whose seminal works Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 (1994) and Galactic Alignment (2004) prove that the Maya, and the astronomers of the Vedic and Egyptian traditions, all understood the precession of the equinoxes "backward" through the zodiac in a cycle of 25,920 solar years. It coincides in 2012 with a 25,630-year Mayan cycle in which the Sun travels to and then crosses "Dark Rift" of the Galactic Center as seen from Earth. Jenkins demonstrates how the crucial Mayan "long count" of 5,126 years from 3,114 BC through 2012 culminates in a moment of extreme cosmic power and significance, when the winter solstice Sun on Dec. 21, 2012 aligns precisely with the point where the ecliptic -- the Sun's path through the zodiac -- crosses the galactic center, in the sign of Sagittarius, just inside the imaginary border with Capricorn. No one investigates and interprets the Mayan sites that code the information as deeply and comprehensively as Jenkins has, in showing also how many of the events likely to come soon on Earth are in the Mayan story of the Light Bringer Quetzalcoatl, who defeats the Fearsome, controlling Seven Macaw and thereby brings and offers wisdom and freedom to Earth's people.
Jenkins is among the interviewees -- along with the late Terence McKenna (below), Gregg Braden, Moira Timms and others -- in 2012: The Odyssey, a documentary film by Sharron Rose and Sacred Mysteries Productions. The film which premiered at the end of March, 2007, explores "the secrets of the Mayans, the Incans, the Alchemists, the Christians, the Masons and others of our ancient ancestors concerning the end of time and the promise of our destiny as human beings." A trailer for the film is here.
A different candidate for the moment of awakening has been proposed by the Swedish scholar Carl Johan Calleman, who calculates the ending of the long count on October 28, 2011 because this is the date of a rare synchrony: a 260-day tzolkin cycle and a new 360-day tun both begin on the same day. In Calleman's view, the period of almost 13 years from January 1999 through October 2011 is a 13-tun Galactic Creation Cycle in which seven "Days" of progress toward spiritual consciousness alternate with six "Nights" of regression away from spirit, until this cycle oscillates toward the moment of awakening. Calleman's second book, The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness was published in April, 2004. The December Mythic Preludes in the Universal Festival Calendars for 2002 and 2003 have focused on Calleman's ideas. See especially UFC December 2003.
David Wilcock (see above), born in 1973, is the youngest of the major names associated with The Shift of the Ages, the title of his best-known internet book, published in 2000. But Wilcock becomes a focus of increasing interest now that Wynn Free has addressed persuasively the question of whether Wilcock is The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? (North Atlantic/Frog, 2004). Wynn Free's main premises, which Wilcock has come to accept with the greatest reluctance, are that the Egyptian pyramid builder Ra-Ta reincarnated as Cayce, and has now arrived again as Wilcock; and that Ra, the "social memory complex" or group soul who first spoke in the series of Law of One books, is now communicating again through the conscious channeling work of David Wilcock.
All of this is controversial, needless to say, though mainly in a way that shows how lovers of controversy are usually starved for attention. More to the point is that it was in trance reading number 2012 that Cayce predicted his reappearance in 1998; and that Ra said, when he first began speaking in 1981, that about thirty years later -- that is, in about 2011 -- humanity would complete its movement to a higher "density" of galactic energy, and would "spiral into space/time of a different vibrational configuration." Another idea that Wynn Free cites, from Harmon Hartzell Bro's Cayce biography A Seer Out of Season, is worth a look here. Cayce's view on transmuting the negative was that "one's weaknesses could become one's greatest strengths if the energy were properly engaged. Anger and hostility could become boldness and courage. Stubbornness could become leadership, which endures where others quit. Deception could become true inventiveness . . . . evil was not poles apart from good, but 'evil is just under good waiting to be lifted.'"
Jose Arguelles' The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology (Bear & Co.) started today's growing interest in Mayan prophecy and time, coming as it did in the year that Arguelles convened the global meditation known ever since as the Harmonic Convergence. While he has been controversial because his famous 13-Moon Dreamspell calendar -- the core tool of his effort to shift the world from Western solar time to Mayan lunar time -- has been shown not to align with the true cycles of the Mayan daykeepers. Arguelles was the first, and for 23 years has been the hardest-working of those who frame the essential message that in a moment of transformation beginning in or around 2012, "ultimately there will be no one exempt from the understanding of how to operate his or her own light body" -- and thus no suffering any illusion of being separate from the universal Oneness.
The idea of a cosmic Time Wave ending in 2012 was first presented by the late Terence McKenna and Dennis McKenna in The Invisible Landscape (1975). Their Eschaton maps out all of human history, of each person and of societies and countries whose lives may span millennia, in a recurring fractal pattern that moves up and down from novelty to habit, freedom to restriction, and other features of polarity consciousness as we believe we've known it so far the third density (read "third dimension") where we think we live. As human history has moved from ancient to modern times and to the present, the fractal pattern has occurred at shorter and shorter intervals; and it will keep accelerating in the years to come. If anything, the roller coaster ride will seem to rocket along faster, plunge deeper and zoom higher than anything we've known or even imagined. According to Time Wave Zero, the fractal pattern runs out, and the carnival ride ends, in December 2012. Polarity consciousness is no more. We experience time, and everything else, as unity, not as a series of conflicts and oppositions.
In recent years, new studies of the controversial Time Wave Zero design have refined it to a greater degree of accuracy. For more on this, see the 2012 Links page of the Dire Gnosis 2012 website, which, apart from the unfortunate fear nuance in its title, does list a wealth of valuable material. Dire Gnosis lists over 100 sites with everything from scientific analysis and prophecy studies to channeled material and works of fiction on issues related to 2012. Fortunately for now, many of the newer books, like Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa's 2012: You Have a Choice! ( 2006) are bringing "Answers and Practices for the Quantum Leap" and other reminders that "all things are held in an energetic balance. As the polarity increases on earth what seems to be a tension here is in fact balance when viewed from afar."
So What Do We Do Now?
1.) We do what we can to understand the terrain of the intervening years, especially as it is marked by the Chiron-Neptune Conjunction in Aquarius from 2008 through early 2011. See these articles on this site:
Prelude (Nov., 2008) and Acts 1 - 4 (April - Aug., 2010), see UFC Index
Act 5: Denouement: Chiron-Neptune Conjunction of Nov. 2 - 3, 2010
2.) We educate ourselves with the books listed above. Dan Furst's Books for the Time on Transformation will also began to appear in 2009:

The Dance of the Moon: Our Birth in, and Return to, Sacred Feminine Lunar Time, was published by Llewellyn Worldwide in July, 2009.

Surfing Aquarius: How to Ace the Wave of Change was published by Red Wheel Weiser on September 1, 2011. I'm now in the last two months of a 46-city USA tour on Living Aquarian.
Double Harmonies: Ancient Egyptian Sound Science and Sacred Music is now in preparation.

3.) We simplify and strengthen our lives by reducing possessions and building community.

4.) We find our best locations and relationships for the times ahead. One invaluable resource for this is the new science of Astrocartography.


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